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Care Services Webinars

Topic: A Comprehensive Approach to Navigating Through ALS
Speaker: Mike Mowrey, ATP, Area Director for Numotion, a leading provider of complex seating and mobility equipment.
Date: Monday, July 20, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (Indiana, GMT-04:00)
Session number: 829 879 828
Session password: ATCjul2015

Archived Care Services Webinars


Archived Webinar on Affordable Care Act & ALS

October 2013
Health Care Reform: What It Means for People with ALS

June 2015
Home Modification for Safety and Comfort

May 2015
Traveling Successfully with ALS

March 2015
Wheelchair Measurements: Why Custom Measurements Matter

February 2015
Rapid Access Communication Tools

January 2015
Best Practices to Achieve Mobility Efficiency for the ALS Client

December 2014
Using Technology to Create a Family Keepsake

November 2014
The Benefits of Professional Home Health Care

October 2014
Speech and Swallowing for People with ALS

September 2014
Accessing Your iPad with a Switch

August 2014
Tricks of the Trade, Tips for Easing Daily Living Challenges in ALS

July 2014
The Value of Custom Measurements in Power Wheel Chair Evaluations

June 2014
Adaptive Vehicle in ALS

May 2014
"Environmental Controls for Daily Living for People with ALS"

April 2014
"Funding for AAC Devices: Insurance Benefit or Consumer Devices"

March 2014
"Nutrition in ALS"

February 2014
"Google Glass, The Future of Assistive Technology"

January 2014
"Understanding Communication Challenges Associated with ALS"

December 2013
"Using Technology to Create Family Keepsakes"

November 2013
"How Caregivers Can Benefit from Assistive Technology"

October 2013
"Equipment Designed for Safe Transfers and Effective Mobility"

September 2013
"iPads for People with ALS"

August 2013
"Home Modification without a Contractor"

July 2013
"The Value of Custom Measurements in Power Wheel Evaluations"

June 2013
"Turning Your Existing Home into a Smart Home"

May 2013
"Travel Tips for Those Diagnosed with ALS"

April 2013
iPAD Technology: Apps for Communication, Fun and Entertainment

March 2013
"Adequate Nutrition and Feeding Tubes in ALS"

February 2013
"Brain Computer Interfaces: Future technology that may assist people with ALS with communication and other tasks"

January 2013
"Communication Options for People with ALS and FTD"

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