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The ALS Association and Option Care Webinar Series: Enteral Nutrition Support for Individuals Living with ALS

Learn how enteral nutrition supports the nutrition needs of thousands of people every day

Sometimes, a medical condition like ALS can make it so that eating and drinking isn’t enough to provide the nutrition you need. When this happens, your healthcare provider may decide to give you additional nutrition support through tube feeding, which is also called enteral nutrition support. The webinar will be made available December 19th and 20th, please pre-register to attend by using links below.

Option Care has been providing enteral nutrition support, to people of all ages, in the home for nearly 40 years.

Tuesday, December 19th from 3:00 4:30 pm EST:

Wednesday, December 20th from 2:00 3:30 pm EST:

Please note that for optimal viewing, it is best not to use VPN, but instead to connect directly to the Internet. Please disable your pop-up blockers in order to view the content in its entirety. This event is being streamed. It is recommended that you listen via your computer speakers. If you are already registered for this event, please refer to your confirmation email to join or click on the registration URL and enter in your email address and password (if applicable).

Archived Care Services Webinars

December 2017
National ALS Registry Update
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

November 2017
Thinking and Behavior in ALS: Who, What, Why & How
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

October 2017
ALS and Breathing: What Works?
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

September 2017
ALS Research Progress – Hope for the Future
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

August 2017
I have ALS and a Child or Youth: Now What? Bringing Children and Youths into the Conversation
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

July 2017
Traveling Successfully with ALS
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

June 2017
ALS is More than a Pain in the Neck: Identifying and Managing Pain in ALS
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

May 2017
Create Your ALS Care Team
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

April 2017
Untangling the ALS X-Files
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

March 2017
Optimizing Nutrition in ALS
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

February 2017
Maintaining Relationships during an ALS Journey
WebEx Recording / Presentation Slides (PDF)

January 2017
Winter Safety Considerations in ALS

December 2016
Using Technology To Create A Family Keepsake

November 2016
How DME/Assistive Technology Benefits Caregivers

October 2016
Getting The Most Out of Your Power Seat Function-Technologies for Health and Independence

September 2016
Decreasing The Work of Breathing in ALS

August 2016
Driving Considerations in ALS

July 2016
Rapid Access Communication for People With ALS

May 2016
Home Modification For People With ALS

March 2016
Adequate Nutrition in ALS

February 2016
Genetic Counseling: Who, What, Where, When

November 2015
The Value of Home Health Care for Clients and Primary Caregivers

October 2015
Controlling the World Through Your Power Wheelchair

September 2015
Durable Medical Equipment for People With ALS

August 2015
Further Analysis: Diaphragm Pacing in ALS Patients with Hypoventilation

July 2015
A Comprehensive Approach to Navigating Through ALS

June 2015
Home Modification for Safety and Comfort

May 2015
Traveling Successfully with ALS

March 2015
Wheelchair Measurements: Why Custom Measurements Matter

February 2015
Rapid Access Communication Tools

January 2015
Best Practices to Achieve Mobility Efficiency for the ALS Client

December 2014
Using Technology to Create a Family Keepsake

November 2014
The Benefits of Professional Home Health Care

October 2014
Speech and Swallowing for People with ALS

September 2014
Accessing Your iPad with a Switch

August 2014
Tricks of the Trade, Tips for Easing Daily Living Challenges in ALS

July 2014
The Value of Custom Measurements in Power Wheel Chair Evaluations

June 2014
Adaptive Vehicle in ALS

May 2014
"Environmental Controls for Daily Living for People with ALS"

April 2014
"Funding for AAC Devices: Insurance Benefit or Consumer Devices"

March 2014
"Nutrition in ALS"

February 2014
"Google Glass, The Future of Assistive Technology"

January 2014
"Understanding Communication Challenges Associated with ALS"

December 2013
"Using Technology to Create Family Keepsakes"

November 2013
"How Caregivers Can Benefit from Assistive Technology"

October 2013
"Equipment Designed for Safe Transfers and Effective Mobility"

September 2013
"iPads for People with ALS"

August 2013
"Home Modification without a Contractor"

July 2013
"The Value of Custom Measurements in Power Wheel Evaluations"

June 2013
"Turning Your Existing Home into a Smart Home"

May 2013
"Travel Tips for Those Diagnosed with ALS"

April 2013
iPAD Technology: Apps for Communication, Fun and Entertainment

March 2013
"Adequate Nutrition and Feeding Tubes in ALS"

February 2013
"Brain Computer Interfaces: Future technology that may assist people with ALS with communication and other tasks"

January 2013
"Communication Options for People with ALS and FTD"

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