The ALS Association

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John M. Lundergan

Branch: Air Force
Served: 1982 - 1991
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Written by: Deanna Deneen , he was my Daddy
Daddy spent his life serving others as an AF jet mechanic-a Voodoo Medicine Man, Phantom Fixer & Hercules Helper-for over 30 yrs and a volunteer firefighter in KYs 5 most dangerous sq miles-Rubbertown. He served his church, scouts, and any kid needing help. Never sick, his hands were his life. He was a "busy body": always busy helping others. ALS struck in June,'07. The diagnosis destroyed him, as it took his hands first. He slipped and hit his head in mid October. After 18 days of coma, Momma let him go to sleep on Halloween, his favorite holiday. St.John the BusyBody watches over us all now.

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