The ALS Association

Ice Bucket Challenge Progress

Michael Braden

Branch: Navy
Served: 1980 - 1992
Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN
I am a proud veteran, husband, father of 4 and I have ALS. During my service to my country, I was part of Aviation Ordinance on aircraft carriers – we loaded ammunitions onto the jets. I was strong, quick and agile, none of which I am anymore. In the 2 years since my symptoms began, ALS has taken nearly every physical ability from me. When I enlisted in the Navy more than 30 years ago, I was more than aware of the dangers and the possibility of giving my life for my country, but I had no idea that I would lose my life 20 years later, and to such an insidious disease. And now, as I battle this monster, I fight to raise awareness and pray for a treatment and a cure so that my son, who is serving in the US Marine Corps, doesn’t have to.

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