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The ALS Association Research Program

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The Leader in Global ALS Research

The ALS Association has committed $99 million to find effective treatments and a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Our global research effort has helped increase the number of scientists working on ALS, advanced new discoveries and treatments, and has shed light on the complex genetic and environmental factors involved in ALS.  

The ALS Association has funded significant research milestones in the fight against ALS, including:

For more information about our research program, please contact:

Bruijn-Yard Consultants, Medical Research
Lucie Bruijn, PhD
Chief Scientist
Tel: +1 727 412 0234
Fax: +1 727 499 9578

Mark Yard
Research Programs & Operations
Tel: +1 203 641 1158
Fax: +1 727 499 9578

All written communications should be sent via e-mail, as an attachment to an e-mail or faxed.

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Research ALS Today

The ALS Association's National Research Periodical provides in-depth coverage of current research projects and exciting clinical trials.

Resources for Researchers

Upcoming meetings, funding opportunities, and more.

Research Webinars and Videos

Monthly online webinars featuring leading ALS researchers, presenting various topics of ALS research and clinical trials.

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