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Team Gleason Invites Members of the ALS Community to Participate in Two-Day Summit to Discuss Critical Issues Involving Lou Gehrig’s Disease

This week, Team Gleason will host a two-day summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 27 – 28. Participants at this event will include ALS researchers, clinicians, and people and their families living with ALS.

This two day summit will focus on achieving the following outcomes:

  • A consensus commitment by the best minds in the ALS community to adopt a viable, effective, and accelerated plan to end ALS.
  • Uniting the global research community and the leaders in the fight against ALS to unite to create a larger voice that will garner global support, global funding, and accelerate us toward our common goal –
    an end to ALS.
  • A consensus on metrics for accountability and increased efficiencies.

Members of the ALS community are invited to participate in this summit remotely via the following links for the June 27 session and the June 28 session. Both days’ activities take place from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Central Time.

For questions regarding summit registration, please contact Stephanie Sandler at

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