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The ALS Community Mourns the Passing of Former Board Member Stephen Saltzman

May 30, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news that Stephen H. Saltzman passed away peacefully in his sleep on May 25th.  Stephen served faithfully on the Board of Trustees of The Association for over eleven years, and served as a member of the Chairman’s Council until his death. During his tenure, Stephen was active on the Board as Vice Chair, Chair of the Chapter Relations Committee, the Patient Services Committee, and the Development Committee and was at one time or another a member of almost every Board Committee. Stephen was also actively engaged with the Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota Chapter.

Stephen became involved with The Association through his friendship with the late Steve Ross.  Ross, who was Chairman of The ALS Association, was stricken by cancer and asked his friend Stephen to support and accompany him to, as it turned out, his last Board meeting in the spring of 2001.  As he was leaving the memorial service for Ross, four months later, Stephen, impressed by the Board members from The Association, who also attended, and their dedication to finding a cure for ALS, told them: “If you ever need another Steve from Minnesota and New York, because Steve and I grew up in New York, give me a call.”  They took him up on his offer and one month later he became a trustee.

Stephen was a dedicated advocate for those living with ALS and worked tirelessly on their behalf. He said, “In so many cases, there reaches a point with ALS when people with the disease lose their voice.  People like me have an obligation to speak on their behalf, to express their thoughts and feelings, and to make sure everything possible is being done to help them.”

For those who didn’t have the opportunity of meeting Stephen Saltzman, his presence was larger than life in every way.  Stephen, always dapper, approached the issues that came before the Board using his business acumen with humor and compassion. He was a gentle bear of a man with a big heart. We will miss him.

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