The ALS Association

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress

Right to Try Official Statement

June 15, 2018

The ALS Association strongly supports initiatives to enable people with ALS to access promising treatments as soon as possible, including prior to FDA approval. We are working with all stakeholders to identify the most effective ways to ensure access to experimental treatments and to truly make a difference on this issue which is so important to people with ALS. Right to Try law is an example of one approach to address the issue. The Right to Try movement has helped propel preapproval access into the national conversation. The ALS Association believes Right to Try law will still need to break down all the very real barriers that are preventing more people from accessing potential treatments. Therefore, we are aggressively working with key stakeholders, including people with ALS, other national patient organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, Congress, the Reagan-Udall Foundation and the FDA to identify solutions that will not only bring promising treatments into the hands of patients as soon as possible, but also speed the development and approval of those treatments so that they are available to all patients. Our goal is to make a difference and ensure that people with ALS truly have the right to try promising treatments as soon as possible.

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