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Fighting ALS on a Different Front

June 26, 2014

Five years ago, Jane Gilbert became president and CEO of The ALS Association with a commitment to help end the devastation of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Each day, she would ask herself: “What can I do today to bring us closer to truly effective treatments and a cure and to help relieve the suffering of the people and families living with ALS.”

A dear friend of Jane lost her father to ALS and then, ironically and cruelly, years later lost her husband to the same disease.  This was Jane’s inspiration to focus her attention and eventually her career in the fight against ALS.  During her time at The Association, Jane came to know countless others who are making this difficult journey.  “As I looked into their faces, I would sometimes see anger, sometimes resignation,” said Jane.  “Most often, however, I would see dignity and hope.  Not hope for themselves, but hope for others yet to be diagnosed…hope for a cure.”

“The ALS Association and entire ALS community would like to thank Jane for her many years of dedicated service in the cause,” said Barb Newhouse, President and CEO of The ALS Association.

Jane has not given up the fight and plans to continue to support the work of The Association in various ways.

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