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ALS Association TREAT ALS™ Portfolio to Fund Ten New Awards Focusing on ALS Therapies

November 30, 2012

The ALS Association’s Translational Research Advancing Therapies for ALS (TREAT ALS™) portfolio will include 10 new awards, which will fund grants, drug discovery contracts and clinical and research studies aimed at finding improved treatments for people with ALS.

TREAT ALS™ will fund two clinical management grants, three drug discovery contracts, two clinical pilot studies and three biomarker studies. Currently, the TREAT ALS™ portfolio has 80 active research projects with a total award value of $12 million.

Two clinical management grants, which propose to expand access to care for people with ALS, will analyze remote forms of treatments. One grant involves the use of a “virtual ALS center” that may provide those with Lou Gehrig’s disease with multidisciplinary care remotely in their own homes. The other encompasses a “telehealth” initiative to evaluate a videoconferencing program that offers home health providers tools to provide care to people with ALS in homes.

The three drug discovery contracts will fund pre-clinical assessment of ALS compounds, and researchers expect they will lead to the progress of new therapies for ALS.

In collaboration with the Northeast ALS Consortium (NEALS) Clinical Trials Network, The Association is supporting two novel clinical pilot studies involving people with ALS. In one, researchers will determine whether they can identify a subset of individuals with the disease who respond to an immune suppressing medication. The other involves testing a compound which appears to improve the number of functional motor units and increase the life span in mouse models of ALS.

The three biomarker studies will involve different processes aimed at accelerating the diagnosis of the disease and hastening clinical trials. The EMD/ALS Biomarker Research Fund through The Association’s Keith Worthington Chapter funded two of these studies.

Full listing of TREAT ALS™ awards.

Read our press release about these awards.

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