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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress
Clinical Conference
Thursday, November 6, 2014

201A Speaker: Krista Strait-Higgins, LISW, ACSW
Low Tech Alternative/Augmentative Communication (AAC) Kit Project: Advocacy, Education and Support.
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201B Speaker: Alisa Brownlee, ATP
What is Google Glass and the Potential Use for People with ALS.
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202 Speaker: Jennifer Kennedy, MA, BSN, CHC
End of Life Care Choices for Patients with ALS
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203 Speaker: Jennifer Armstrong, RN, MSN, MHA
Optimizing Respiratory Care in ALS
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204 Speaker: Lisa Bruening, M.S., CCC-SLP
AAC in Times of Change
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205 Speaker: Gerri Sagan, LSW, CHP-SW
ALS: Living with Change and Loss, from Diagnosis to Death
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206A Speaker: Lee Guion MA, RRT, FAARC
An Ounce of Prevention: Taking a Proactive Approach to Airway Clearance in ALS
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206B Speaker: Lee Guion MA, RRT, FAARC
Pulmonary Palliation
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207 Speakers: Kevin Caves, ATP, RET, Jill Marcus, MA, CCC-SLP and Meredith Nye, MS, CCC-SLP
Considerations when using alternate access for AAC and computer access
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208A Speaker: James Durnil, M.Div.
Building Blocks of Resilience for Professional Caregivers
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208B Speaker: Sue Walsh, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC
An evaluation of newly diagnosed patient needs: Lessons learned from patients and families
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209 Speakers: Ray Onders, MD and Mary Jo Elmo, CNP
Diaphragm Pacing: What we have learned since the first implant
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210 Speaker: Antoinette Verdone, MSBME, ATP
Mobile Devices - Access and Use for PALS
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211A Speaker: Beth Stephens, MA
The Utilization of a Communication and Treatment Preference Assessment to Guide ALS Patient Care
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211B Speaker: Linda Lorentzen, OTR/L
Helping Your Constituents Navigate Life with ALS: An On-Line Navigation Tool
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212 Speaker: Donna (De De) Gardner, MSHP, RRT, FAARC
ALS and Airway Clearance (ALSAC) Is There a Best Therapy for Airway Clearance in Patients with ALS?
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213 Speakers: Jeannette D. Hoit, PhD, CCC-SLP and Cassandra Faux, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech Management for ALS: Ventilator-Based Interventions and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices
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214 Speaker: B. Bartja Wachtel, LICSW, MHP
Meaningful: The Life Practice of Mindful Compassion with People Living with ALS
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215A Speaker: J. Mark Barch, MS, RRT, RCP
Clinical applications of end-tidal CO2 monitoring in the ALS patient in the home setting
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215B Speaker: Lisa Kinsley, MS, CGC
Genetic Counseling and ALS
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Friday, November 7, 2014
  9:15am - 10:15am: BREAK-OUT SESSIONS  

216 Speaker: Antoinette Verdone, MSBME, ATP
Home Modifications - No Contractor Required
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217 Speaker: Dallas Forshew, RN, BSN
Decoding Stem Cells for ALS
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218 Speaker: Sabrina M. Schalley, LCSW
Anticipatory Grief in ALS Families
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219 Speaker: Cindy C. Ivy OTD, M.Ed., CHT
Upper Extremity Orthoses Use in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
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220 Speaker: Richard Strozewski, PMP, CCME, BA, CMP
Building a System for Rapid Deployment of Fiscally Sound Tele-health Technologies for ALS Patients
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221 Speaker: Laurie B. Fieldman, MSW, LCSW
Children in ALS Families
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222 Speaker: Sherry Kolodziejczak, MS, OTR/L
Power Wheelchair Documentation: A Step-by-Step Review
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223 Speaker: Rebecca Brittain, RN
ALS Telehealth- A patient centered approach to care
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224A Speakers: Wendy Barnes, MSW, LSW, Jennifer Klapper, RN, MSN, CNS-BC and Jennifer LaRegina, RN
Supporting Normalcy: A Unique Program for Families with Young Children
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224B Speaker: Margie Ware, M.B.A.
Insurance and Benefits Counseling as a Core Service for ALS Patients
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225A Speaker: Francesca Monachino, OTR/L
The Keys to Driving - One Clinic's Approach for Screening Driving Safety
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225B Speaker: Linda Cates, MS, PT, NCS
Use of Bioness L300 Functional Electrical Stimulation Orthoses in the Management of a patient with PLS
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226A Speaker: Stephen Selkirk, MD, PhD
The Clinical Application of Tele-health in the care of people with ALS

226B Speaker: Lee Johnson
Changing it Up: What Dogs Can Teach Us About Sitting Tolerance

227 Speaker: Laurie B. Fieldman, MSW, LCSW
The ALS Family
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228 Speaker: Denise H. Epps, M.S., CCC-SLP, CBIS
Neurogenic Dysphagia: Role of SLP in Dysphagia Management of ALS Patients
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229A Speaker: Dallas Forshew, RN, BSN
The ALS Cognitive Behavioral Screen (ALS CBS): A fast tool for use in the clinic
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229 B Speaker: Pamela Kitrell, RN MSN
PEG Tube Insertion in Patients with ALS using Propofol Sedation in an Outpatient Surgical Center
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230 Speakers: Marcia Obermann RN BSN and Mary Lyon, RN, MSN
The Cost of Care The Story Behind the Numbers
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