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She Will Always Be in My Heart and Mind...

Kristen h. Cos Cob, Connecticut

Ida Grace Borchetta Cushing......On December 2, 2004 she passed in the hospital from Lou Gehrig's disease. She was the strongest woman I knew and my best friend. She "fought the good fight" until the end. She was a active member of St. Roch's Church, member of the community in numerous areas, a grandmother to so many people who weren't even her biological grandchildren, a sister, and our rock. I never knew anything about ALS until she was diagnosed. She suffered so much. Not being able to hear her beautiful voice, see her in the amount of pain she was in, was heartbreaking. She was the one that tried to take all of her pain away. Our grandmother was our best friend always. There was a poem that i wrote after she passed called "You Left Us On December Second But Our Love For You Has Never Lessened." I pray that we find a cure for this horrible disease and that no more people have to suffer from it and that families of ALS patients wont have to see their loved ones suffer the way my grandmother did. She will always be in my heart, mind, and be apart of everything I do in my life. You Left Us On December Second But Our Love For You Has Never Lessened.