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My Brother Has Been Diagnosed

Thomas Z. Denver, Colorado

My brother was just diagnosed with ALS. Of course, we are all devastated. He is only 60 years old. After going to law school, he married and raised two beautiful children. Has worked as the Assistant DA for the City of Aurora, Colorado. He loves his career, his family, his life. It was just getting to the time of his life when he was to retire, travel and enjoy his wife and the life he had planned. However, a thief rudely entered his life a destroyed these plans. ALS… thief that steals dreams, lives and loves. His attitude is so very inspirational. Though I can only imagine the terror that invades his thoughts and dreams. How could anyone actually sit and plan for your life to be taken from you? My wife and I want to do something. Anything. What can I do? I am a graphic designer, web designer and illustrator. I wold like to travel the country in an RV blogging, photographing, maintaining a web journal, and graphic journal, and doing outreach. May not help my brother directly, but I need to do something. Just to be a part of his ordeal and raise awareness of ALS. Is this good… or stupid idea??? We are powerless against ALS. I lost me Mother to cancer. Now I am losing my brother to another evil thief of a disease. Does anyone think this is a good idea? Or am I just being selfish?