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My Mom Was a Fighter

Katherine M. Shawnee, Kansas

My mom was a fighter, had hope, in fact never gave up even when it seemed impossible to get better. My mom started her journey with ALS 5 years ago, with slurred speech that slowly manifested into what they call bulbar ALS. As the disease progressed she went from walking, to falling, to a walker, to struggling to get out of her chair, to a wheel chair, to no longer able to eat, talk or swallow. She was faced with the decision, in order to live (due to malnutrition), that she needed a feeding tube. My mom was down to 95 pounds. She received her feeding tube in Aug. 2013. She then slowly begin having difficulty breathing. She was then faced with another decision: in order to breath/live she needed to be on a vent full time. She decided she wanted to continue on and fight. She received her tracheotomy in Nov. 2013. She was brought home after rehabilitation. She had in home care, a full time respiratory therapist and a loving husband to take care of her. I'm a believer that this is why my mom lived a year longer. The love and support kept her alive (Thank u dad & Tina). My mom beat the odds against the disease; yes that's right, she was able to speak, eat and move again. Even though her progress only last a little while, we were all so proud! After a good fight her body decided it was time and slowly started shutting down. She passed away Dec 4, 2014 in peace and ridden of her disease-filled body. It is hard to reflect back on this terrifying journey. ALS sucks and took my mom away from us to early. It is my hope now to share my mom's story and raise awareness on her behalf. You will notice my mom's progress in the picture I attached. Please follow my page on Facebook-Search (ALS Awareness-My Mom's Legacy).