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Hoping for a Cure

Leonard E. Enola, Pennsylvania

Assessed with ALS Nov 2013. Lost my job and was walking with a cain. Was only able to walk like 80 feet, and my legs would give way. After about 5 months, I had to use a walker to move. My feet are dropped down, and my fingers turn inward. For around 7 months my knees hurt at night for several nights, then my knees became weak. My stomach muscles left me around 6 months. I go to ALS clinic in Hershey, Pa. On only drug for ALS which gives maybe 2 months more life. Taking supplements and coconut oil. Still swallowing. It's become very hard to walk. Being pushed through the house. Ordering a battery wheel chair and a lift chair. My wife of 27 years is a blessing as well as my 19 year old son. Can't attend church because now I need pushed. Sleep goes 4 hours than in and out. Turning in bed is difficult. Have a sit in a chair peddle bicycle. Waiting for a healing or cure. Leaving in God's hands. Thanks for your prayers. Leonard