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My ALS Is Familial

Miki R. Elk Grove, California

My name is Miki Rutter. I was diagnosed with ALS on August 16, 2014. In March or April 2014 (not sure which month), I woke up with slurred speech, and my legs were weak which affected my walking. At this time I was told I had a silent stroke. My symptoms were getting worse, my walking was becoming slower and more off balance which caused me to fall several times. My ALS Is familial. My aunt, my aunt's niece and my aunt's niece's son had ALS. I have been diagnosed with ALS for two months on October 16. My speech, swallowing, walking are getting weaker every day, my body twitches all the time, and I know that this will end soon. My doctor has given me six months to live due to how progressive this disease is in me. I gave my life to Jesus Christ on August 18, 2013 and was baptized in June 2014. If God heals me or not, I am at peace either way. I know Jesus Christ is right beside me, and he suffered more than anyone so why shouldn't I suffer too. I know that my heavenly father will use my suffering for his glory, and I am fine with that so I live each day putting God first, and I know he will take care of me here and in heaven.