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Our Lives Changed

Martin H. Gary, Indiana

Our lives changed in 2005 - the day we were told my husband had ALS. The last thing the doctor told us was that he will pray for my husband. He sent him to Northwestern Hospital where the doctors and nurses tested him. Every day he did 45 minutes of exercises. After a few more months he had to quit because the pain got so bad. The twitching got worse, then he actually would lift his whole body off the bed. He never gave up. When people look at him, they can't believe he has ALS. For the first time his son finally said in a video, while doing the ice bucket challenge said the words he did it for his father who was battling ALS. Since 2005, our kids have denied there was anything wrong with him. His daughter had the gall to say you were suppose to live 3-5 years. Marty keeps going, but some days he can't move. He has a small job now, and he's determined to live life to the fullest. Yes he lives on medication, but if it keeps him going - why not.