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He Has an Incredible Attitude

Cadie C. Keller, Texas

Bob Bardone, husband and father of 4 and grandfather of 9, was diagnosed with ALS in the spring of 2014 at the age of 67. For almost a year, he noticed that his speech was slurred and after visiting different doctors, such as an ENT, an allergist and even the Emergency Department. No one could figure out what was causing his symptoms. Was he having mini-strokes? Perhaps something was causing damage to his vocal cords? Was his tongue swelling because of an allergy? It was suggested he go to a neurologist who mentioned ALS, but also needed further evaluation. Bob went to an ALS specialist and within minutes of the exam, the doctor was positive Bob had ALS. Though devastating, Bob was more concerned about his wife, Peggy, who he had been more to for more than 40 years. They rarely went anywhere with the other and are truly each other's best friends. Bob decided that he is going to live his life, despite the diagnosis. He went enjoys living on an island off the coast of Florida, and Peggy and Bob remain active, walking on the beach, enjoying restaurants in the area and travel as often as possible to visit their children and grandchildren. Bob continues to joke and laugh and has an incredible attitude. He was very encouraged by the recent awareness of the Ice Bucket Challenge.