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He Was the Strongest Man I Will Ever Know

Daniel T. Williston, Florida

My father was 47 when he passed away from ALS, and the fifth of August will be six months that he has been gone. This terrible disease has taken so much from my family and I but not everything. Through this I got to know my best friend and role model in ways not many have the chance. My father was a great man, and he showed us all to never give up, because he never did. I stayed with him through it all and took care of him every day. The simple things I hated doing for him I miss the most. I remember when his right hand started to cramp, and we laughed every time it did. I always told myself that I would feel bad if it was something serious, not knowing that those cramps would be the cause of my fathers death. Through every curveball that was thrown at him and everything that happened, we worked together and up until the end, my father laughed every single day. He was the strongest man I will ever know; everyone dealing with this is strong, I was strong. I would love to see a cure in my lifetime. I know it is too late to save my dad, but hopefully it can help others.