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Why don’t I feel alone anymore? Three words - The ALS Association.

Pete P. Damascus, Oregon

It was 14 years ago. I was working out each and every day and recently retired from a long and fulfilling career in the US Army. I was looking forward to life’s next chapter. It was about this time I began noticing weakness in my legs as I ran. In the year 2000, my world was rocked when I received the devastating diagnosis of ALS. During this time, there was no local resource for people with ALS. There were no support groups. There was no multidisciplinary ALS clinic. There was no community of support. I had no answers to my million questions. Since then, things have changed for the better. This gives me hope. From the monthly support groups, to the medical equipment loan closet, to even just the informational and emotional support, The ALS Association has become the one-stop shop for people living with this disease. If you were to ask me why has this community grown? Why do more people know about The ALS Association and ALS in general? Why have things changed for the better? Why don’t I feel alone anymore? Three words - The ALS Association. I’m hopeful that The ALS Association will remain a stable and strong force in our community, helping people walk through their diagnosis and provide them with practical support. Hope, to me, is creating a community that can fight together, learn together and create a world without ALS together.