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Patricia's story

Sheri P. Sylvania, Ohio

My mother, Patricia S., died of ALS in 2012. She woke up one day with a raspy voice that never went away. We had several different diagnosees and all of which were “no big deal”. She eventually ended up at U of M where she was delivered the devastating news. After that things started shutting down on her really fast. It’s horrifying to watch because they remain sound mind. She went from someone that would chop wood and as an upholsterer, moved couches around like they were nothing to not being able to lift her head. She was someone that I spoke to or texted every day but she could no longer speak or text. Our family has always had a bad habit of hiding all feelings. We never cry, we never ask for help with anything or from anyone so my way of dealing with it was to completely shut everyone out. I didn’t talk about it, I disconnected from everyone, and went on with a fake smile on my face every day. She died when my daughter was only 2 and even though she doesn’t remember her, she will know how important it was to my mom to have her there. She’s the only one that didn’t understand what was going on and treated her like she was “just grandma”. I’m glad that I’m finally able to talk about it, try to help others, and yes….. cry while remembering my mom for the amazing person she was and not just the horrific disease that took her from us way too soon.