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Dane's story

Melissa J. Greeley, Colorado

It all started four or five years ago when I noticed my husband was choking almost daily. Then we thought he had carpal tunnel in his left hand. Next it was his slurry speech. But when Dane could no longer do the things he truly loved - fishing, hunting, playing golf or even sitting at a table to play games with his friends and family, or eat a meal - that's what upsets us the most. We've been married 20 years this month (September 2019). ALS has stolen his ability to speak now. It's not only stealing his life too soon, it is also stealing our dreams of retirement, MY future with him. I will be a young widow - he is just 54 and I just turned 49. He is patient with me when I'm frustrated and angry, feeling overwhelmed with the demands of his disease and my job. We do try to count our blessings - that we aren't homeless or live in a third-world country as we battle this, that our four kids and four grandkids are healthy, that we have so many friends and family stepping up to help us through. He is donating his body to science so we can help find a cure. We pray that the root cause and the cure will be found soon.