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Every Investigation

By Rick Bedlack, M.D.

rick-testimonial-box-webpage I’ve been investigating ALS treatments for over 16 years, and I’ve never seen a more exciting time for ALS research.

For the first time in history, we have identified and are starting to attack some of the causes of ALS.

In recent years we have learned about several new genes that help explain 10-15 percent of all cases of ALS. We have a technology called “antisense” that can turn off some of these bad genes and another technology that can re-arrange them.

We’re exploring ancient retroviruses that might contribute to the disease in non-familial cases, and we’re testing treatments that may be able to halt the progression of ALS.

In my work at the Duke University ALS Clinic, I’ve been systematically reviewing alternative and off-label treatments, which we hope will help people living with the disease make more informed decisions about them.

These reviews take time, however, and before the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge we were averaging only three or four a year. Thanks to people who donated during that amazing time, we’re now able to complete twice as many reviews.

Every investigation adds up.

As ALS researchers across the globe will continue to find new causes of ALS, we will continue to investigate new treatments.

I’m excited about the future of ALS research. If we’ve come this far in the past few years, imagine what your support will help us do in the next.

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