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By Rebecca Renshaw

rebecca-testimonial-box-webpage I'll never forget the day my father, Ronald L. Renshaw, was diagnosed with ALS and the heartbreaking realization that there was nothing we could do to stop its progression.

ALS took him in 374 days.

Over a period of only 374 days I watched my father go from a strong, independent man who loved to cook, sing, go for long walks, and play with his grandchildren to man who was dependent on others for care and unable to do any of the things he once enjoyed. Just 374 days after we learned his diagnosis, I witnessed him taking his last breathe, while holding his hand.

When my father was diagnosed, I looked for ways to support him. I started volunteering with The ALS Association in hopes that my efforts would help find a cure. I decided to organize a race committee for the Pittsburgh Marathon. In our inaugural year in 2014 we had 17 runners and raised a little over $12,000. Sadly just four days after my inaugural race for ALS, my father passed away, but I continue to run in his honor every year. Now, just two years later 67 runners ran for ALS in the Pittsburgh Marathon and we nearly quadrupled our inaugural fundraising efforts, raising $47,000 this year to the fight against ALS.

“I will continue to use my voice to tell my father’s story and use my legs to raise money for a cure.”

This year my four-year-old son, Jaden, joined me on the journey to find a cure. He ran his first race ever – the first of many for his Pop-Pop. He was only two years old when my dad passed, but he still remembers him and asks all the time where he is.

I miss my dad terribly.

Every year the race is an emotional one and I think of my dad with every step I take. My goal is to continue to be his voice and his legs. I will continue to use my voice to tell my father’s story and use my legs to raise money for a cure.

Every step adds up.

Every mile I run is in memory of my father. And every dollar will make a difference in accelerating the search for treatments to slow or stop the disease. Please consider making a donation today, because every donation brings us closer to a world without ALS.

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