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Every Mile

By Dan Stratmeyer

dan-testimonial-box-webpage My favorite childhood memories take me back to Christmases at Aunt Bernetta’s. The entire extended family – at least twenty-five of us – would travel to Bernetta’s South Dakota home and spend the week together celebrating. There were ten of us cousins running around. We loved causing a raucous and tearing through mounds of presents on Christmas morning.

So, when Aunt Bernetta was diagnosed with ALS, I knew I had to do something to help the woman who gave me so much throughout my life. An avid cyclist, I decided a bike ride across the country would be the perfect way for me to make an impact. I would spend 30 days, biking 3000+ miles from California to Washington D.C., and I would set out to raise $5,000 and awareness for the fight against ALS. I just finished my trip on June 26, and I even surpassed my fundraising goal!

When Aunt Bernetta was diagnosed with ALS, I knew I had to do something.

I was hoping to help find treatment for ALS before it took Bernetta’s life. Sadly, she passed in February of this year, after a rapid decline in her health. Now, I am committed to finding the cure. With so much promising research, scientists are getting closer and closer to an effective therapy.

Every mile adds up.

Each of us can make a contribution to the fight against ALS in our own way. Even if biking across the country isn’t your thing, people with ALS are relying on you to use your passion to bring attention to this devastating disease. Consider making a donation today, because Every Drop Adds Up.

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