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Telemedicine Program Launched to Help Home-Bound Patients

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In an effort to expand expert care to those unable to travel, The ALS Association Jim “Catfish” Hunter Chapter committed $30,000 to fund a one year pilot telemedicine program in partnership with the Duke ALS Clinic. The funding will allow a specialist in ALS care to connect directly from his office to three to five patients per week using web-cams and a secure internet connection. The hope is that after successful completion of the pilot, similar telemedicine clinics can be offered through other ALS clinics in North Carolina. 

Additionally, the chapter has augmented its grant program to help cover the costs of dealing with the disease, as many necessities are not covered by insurance. This grant has been increased from $2,500 to $3,000 annually per family. In 2014, 530 applications were approved, and the chapter provided $237,205 in aid through this program. Examples of approved usage include respite care, making homes accessible, and purchasing assistive technology and communication devices to improve quality of life.

The chapter has also been able to give $16,600 to its newest ALS clinic at the University of North Carolina to assist with staffing needs and reducing wait times. The UNC ALS Clinic is now the fifth multidisciplinary clinic in North Carolina funded by the chapter.

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