The ALS Association
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Progress

Financial Assistance Offered Ahead of Schedule

Iowa Chapter

Serving people living with ALS in: Iowa

The Ice Bucket Challenge has allowed The ALS Association Iowa Chapter to offer its general grants earlier than in previous years. These grants help patients cover equipment costs and other expenses directly related to their ALS diagnoses and were previously unavailable until April. This year, however, the chapter was able to offer them in February and in greater quantity than before.

Ice Bucket Challenge funds have also allowed the chapter to become part of two clinics designed to treat ALS patients. These clinics provide services to improve quality of life and offer patients a chance to see multiple specialists in one place. The chapter is currently working to establish a third clinic using Ice Bucket Challenge funds.

Finally, the chapter has expanded its Equipment and Assistive Technology fund and added a new care services coordinator. This coordinator has increased the number of home visits, meetings with families, and educational sessions carried out by the chapter.

Nutrition Supplement Program Developed to Aid Patients

Indiana Chapter


Number of Clinics Increased to Serve New Patients

Rhode Island Chapter


New Patient Grants Made Available

Florida Chapter


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