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Living with ALS Manuals

Living With ALS Manuals

The ALS Association's Living With ALS© Manuals and Videos were created because of the rapidly expanding information and research in the clinical management of ALS. These cornerstone educational materials were designed to inform and educate people about ALS in a comprehensive and easily understood format. They address many of the common concerns and issues that face people living with ALS.

Reading all six manuals at one time can be overwhelming to persons with ALS and their families. We highly recommend that you only access the information that pertains to your present circumstances.

Once you have reviewed one or more of The ALS Association's Living With ALS Manuals©, you may have questions and you may want to know where to go for even more information. Feel free to contact The ALS Association via our toll-free number at (800) 782-4747 or e-mail With the vast network of ALS Association chapters, certified centers and clinics across the nation, there is likely an ALS Association affiliate in your region to help you. Use our locator tool to find an ALS Association affiliate.

What's It All About?

This manual provides an overview of ALS, what it is and how if affects your body. It also provides information on what kinds of resources are available to help you deal with ALS more effectively.

Coping with Changes

This manual addresses the psychological, emotional and social issues that you must deal with when your life is affected by ALS. It provides information on how to cope with the many lifestyle changes and adjustments that occur when you live with ALS. 

Managing Your Symptoms and Treatment

This manual discusses the symptoms that can occur when you have ALS and how to treat them. It also covers the most recent breakthroughs in medications and how these treatments can improve the quality and duration of your life. 

Functioning When Your Mobility is Affected

This manual covers the spectrum of mobility issues that occur with ALS. It specifically discusses exercises to maximize your mobility as well as how to adapt your home and activities of daily living to help you function more effectively

Adjusting to Swallowing and Speaking Difficulties

This manual discusses how your speech can be affected by ALS. It covers specific techniques and devices available for improving communication. In addition, swallowing difficulties and how to maintain a balanced diet are also covered.

Adapting to Breathing Changes

This manual explains how normal breathing is affected by ALS. Specifically, it explains how to determine if you have breathing problems and what options are available to assist you as your breathing capacity changes.

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Guide to Living a Fuller Life with ALS

Information for people who are newly diagnosed with ALS.

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