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A sense of humor

A caregiver with a sense of humor sees the fun in everyday experiences.  Those who have discovered the power of humor find that it performs a variety of functions. 

A sense of humor…

…eases tension.
…conveys goodwill.
…helps reassert control.
…makes care receivers feel better.
…serves as a useful teaching tool.
…influences thinking and attitudes.
…enhances and projects a favorable image.
…is a potent weapon that his hard-to-defend-against.
…reduces the embarrassment of mistakes and awkward moments.

A sense of humor will help you…

…outlast the intolerable.
…tolerate the unpleasant. 
…overlook the unattractive. 
…cope with the unexpected.
…understand the unconventional. 

Excerpted from The Magic of Humor in Caregiving by James R. Sherman, Ph.D., Pathway Book, 1995, p. 9, 20.

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