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John C. Hinrichsen

Branch: Army
Served: 1936 - 1963
Hometown: Ute, IA
Written by: Betty Lou Olson , Daughter
My Dad, Major John Christian Hinrichsen, was a Retired Army Major, Monona County Sheriff, an avid hunter and fisherman. He was an athletic 6'4" man who loved camping, nature and anything else outdoors. He loved his God, his country and most of all his family. It was terrifying to see my Dad progress through first a back brace, then one leg brace, then two leg braces, then a wheel chair and then bed rest. My Dad died of ALS in 1973 at the age of 55. He did not live to meet his Granddaughters or his Great-Grandchildren. At that time, as now, there was NO KNOWN CAUSE AND NO KNOWN CURE.

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