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ADA Rooms

Register by April 13 Early Registration/ Room Assignments Based on Need.

There are a limited number of ADA certified rooms and for that reason an ADA room is not guaranteed. Specific ADA room assignments are based on the needs of the person living with ALS and the availability of rooms that meet those specifications. Room assignment are not made by the hotel but will be made by The ALS Association staff after the participant has completed a survey specifying their needs. Room assignments will be made on a rolling basis after April 14.

The ALS Association has reserved all available ADA certified rooms at three luxury hotels – the J.W. Marriott, the W Hotel and the Willard Hotel. The W Hotel and Willard Hotel are across the street from the J.W. Marriott. Please note that the most appropriate ADA certified hotel room may be at the W Hotel or the Willard Hotel and a wheelchair accessible shuttle will be provided for anyone who needs one from these hotels to the J.W. Marriott.

The number of ADA certified rooms at the hotels are as follows: J.W. Marriott (22 rooms), W Hotel (13 rooms) and Willard Hotel (8). The hotels also have a few “ADA like” rooms with larger doorways to accommodate a wheelchair and showers instead of bathtubs.

How to Secure an ADA Room

Register and Complete Survey by April 13.

This year staff from The ALS Association will be matching participants living with ALS to an appropriate ADA room to ensure a smoother process. Because all ADA rooms are reserved for the conference – the hotel will not be able to assign an ADA room. To secure an ADA room, all participants living with ALS must complete this survey detailing their specific needs by the April 13 Early Registration deadline.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Participants will first register for the conference.
  • Once conference registration is complete, all participants will be able to make a reservation for a standard hotel room. This reservation must be secured with a credit card.
  • As part of the registration process, people living with ALS must complete this survey that details their specific needs. This survey is critically important to the assignment of an appropriate ADA room and room assignments cannot be made without it.
  • Staff of The ALS Association will review each survey and match participants to an appropriate ADA rooms.
  • Individual ADA room assignments will be announced and sent to participants on a rolling basis after April 14.
  • If you have any questions, please e-mail

ADA Room Cancellation

Please Notify The ALS Association.

It is understood that plans may change. If a person with ALS has been assigned an ADA room but is unable to attend, please notify The ALS Association immediately so that we may cancel your reservation and re-assign the ADA room to another person with ALS who would like to attend. If you need to cancel your ADA room, please e-mail

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