The ALS Association

Sharing Our ALS Story

Katy R. Bossier, Louisiana

I'm telling this story on behalf of my father: it all started around 2006 when he was first diagnosed with ALS. The doctor actually told us he had a year to live, and you can probably imagine how us as his family felt. I mean we went all the way to Memphis for treatments. Note we live in Shreveport LA; we did anything and everything we could, but as you know there's no cure just treatments. We moved from the city to the country (Benton, LA) and my dad started feeling a little more at ease. It has now been 8 years, and my dad is barely able to walk but can still eat and do his basic needs. We are very blessed to have him here with us. My point is you can't always listen to the time frame doctors give you because sometimes they aren't always right, and in this case it was for the better! The doctors have him stable now and it's pretty much just a take it day by day thing, My mom works everyday to support my dad and our family its very hard at times, but we get thru everyday with a smile. Just happy that my daddy is still here with us i could not be more thankful! I just wanted to share our story thanks to whomever is reading this for taking the time to hear our ALS story :)

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