The ALS Association

Hoping for a Cure

Carol W. Caldwell, Idaho

My husband of almost 28 years died at the age of 51. His disease began with twitches in his arms that didn't stop. Then he began to slur a word or two at times. A heart attack was his next challenge within a few months of the onset of the twitches. It was when he was in the hospital dealing with the heart attack that the doctor told me they suspected he had ALS. Five months later we finally get the diagnosis of ALS. A few months later he was also diagnosed with bladder cancer. I always wondered it the heart attack and bladder cancer were somehow connected. He died 13 months after his ALS diagnosis on my 50th birthday. Not a birthday gift that anyone would want; but on that day his suffering and mine both ended. ALS is a horrible disease. I hope that someday a cure will be found so people like my late husband don't have to suffer the effects of this disease that takes their life.

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