The ALS Association

Hoping for a More Effective Treatment

Selina C. Hutto, Texas

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has been apart of my family's life for almost 12 years.My Uncle Pete was diagnosed back in 2001.At the time I never heard of the disease, much less know what it was, what causes it and if there will ever be a cure. Uncle Pete was a US Marine Veteran, who served for our country for 6 years. All through out his battle with ALS, he fought with hope, positive thinking and mental strength, like a true soldier.He never let ALS take over his life completely, he made it apart of his life and made the best of it. For a short period of time, I stayed, cared for him and got to experience what he went through on a daily basis.Through out my time with him, I learned that no matter what your going through, live your life, for one day you may not wake up to see another day.At times when he couldn't walk to the bathroom,lift him self up from his chair or shake someone's hand,I just wanted to cry and I just hated knowing how much this disease effects his every day life. But, I just couldn't let him see me like that and I couldn't let him down.My family would agree with me on this one, even though this disease was hard on our family, we shared and made lots of good memories with Uncle Pete.On March 8, 2013, Uncle Pete had lost his battle with ALS and his passing has still been heavy on each of my family member's hearts.All we can do is just keep all the memories of and with him close, support all those who are going through the same as Uncle Pete and my family did. And hope that a more effective treatment for this disease will be found, so it can benefit those currently living with ALS and a cure will be found for in the future.

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