The ALS Association

A Healthy Perspective about ALS

Michael G. Bowie, Maryland

The day after I received a tentative diagnosis of ALS, in August 2012, an idea for a blog came to me, and I reserved the name Since then, I've written and posted several dozen poems and essays, photos, and research and advocacy information. This endeavor has helped me maintain a healthy perspective and keeps me actively engaged with family and friends, while introducing me to new contacts. I was happy to see that an essay inspired by ALS Advocacy Day, "Crossing the Delaware", reached many readers worldwide Many of my poems have been inspired by the traveling we did in 2013. Attached is a photo of my family in the Galapagos Islands, a magical place. I just posted my first humorous piece about ALS, "The lighter side of living with ALS" It can be crushingly difficult to deal with a progressive incurable terminal disease, but I find it to be easier if I can find and cherish the good, funny, and positive things in life, and share them with other people.

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