The ALS Association

Please Help Find a Cure

Michael E. Mount AIry, North Carolina

My name is Michael Easter, and I am 47. My family has been dealing with ALS for three generations now. My DAD, my grandfather, several uncles, both aunts, and several cousins have lost their lives at the hands of ALS. Several cousins are fighting the battle, just like I am right now in 2014. It's been tough growing up and watching my family members fight ALS and eventually lose their battle, and it's even more frustrating knowing there is still no cure even after 75 years have passed since Lou's farewell speech. I try to live each day to the fullest, but it is getting more difficult with each passing day. I have two children, and the thoughts of them not having a daddy around as they grow up is probably the hardest challenge I deal with daily. It typically stikes our family in the mid 40's, and my only hope is that a cure is found before my children get to the age that they have to deal with it. It is a cruel disease that rears its ugly head and leaves an impression on everyone that is around it. Please help find a cure.

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