The ALS Association

He Left a Legacy of Fighting

Houston S. Plattsburgh, New York

SEALS, HAROLD ALLEN MM1 US COAST GUARD WORLD WAR II DATE OF BIRTH: 12/18/1915 DATE OF DEATH: 08/03/1959 died of "pneumonia and CHF," which were the result of a battle with ALS. His death was agonizing for the whole family and him. There were few if any resources then and little knowledge. We watched him disappear. but he left a legacy of fighting until his last breath,never giving up which is the most powerful gift he could have given me. Many of those who died were merely listed as cause of death "pneumonia"; that is why the registry is so important. My father was the bravest man I ever knew: he hung on for us to the very last minute. I thank him always for his example.

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