The ALS Association

My Dad, My Hero

Lucille M. Brooklyn, New York

My Dad, My "Hero" passed away from ALS on 2/4/10. He was 82, a strong man who was a golden glove boxer in the Navy back in the day. One day he started to trip and have difficulty speaking. Who knew, who ever expected it to be "ALS," a terrible disease as you loose the ability to speak, move and even eat? It was not easy watching my Dad waste away day by day. It wasn't so bad when he could write to us and tell us what he wanted or was thinking, but when the day came he couldn't use his hands and was already in a wheel chair with a feeding tube, my heart broke apart. I couldn't even help him but just continue to be there and love him. I have to say thank God for my brother and mom. My brother was the one that kept my Dad at home with my Mom, he took care of him each and every day...actually gave up his own life for my Dad. My dad and my mom are exceptional parents, and the day my mom passes will be very difficult, but I will find peace only in the fact, she will be in the arms of my Dad..."My Hero."

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