The ALS Association

Love You Mom

Debbie Q. Orlando, Florida

My mom has been fighting ALS for three years. We have been so blessed that she had the slower type and even when there were changes like her speech/eating food or not being able to walk, we were able to have her with us. ALS took away her being able to enjoy a good meal, and she was eating through a tube. But she was still willing to go out with us. She got to where she was not able to walk and was in her wheelchair all the time. Her speech was hard to understand sometimes, but we still understood her. But in the past few weeks ALS is starting to win her fight, and this is the hard part we always worried about. It is so hard to watch her know and know she is not going to be there for us much longer. We pray that one day they will find the cure so that other families do not have to feel this pain. But we are not going to let ALS take away her grace as we celebrate each day we still have with her! Love you Mom

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