The ALS Association

I Made It My Mission to Give Her the Care She Provided to Others

Bj T. Macon, Missouri

My mother Dianne was diagnosed with ALS in July of 2012 at just 64 years old. When I received the phone call about a week before the official diagnosis, I had no idea what ALS was. After about three minutes on the site, my world stopped moving, and I couldn't find the strength to breathe. I was devastated; my thoughts quickly turned to how in the world my mom must feel! She was living on her own in our hometown in Arkansas. Dianne was always the most independant woman I had ever known. Over the years of her life she had experienced many great things and many challenging things. She always came out on top though. Mom was an excellent caregiver and spent many years of her working life in nursing homes as a CMT. The residents loved Dianne! She would always dance and sing up and down the halls. She would do anything to get a smile on the residents' faces. I made it my mission to give her the care that she always provided for others. It was a hard, long battle, but I feel deep in my heart that I, along with the help of my sister, husband, dad and stepmom, helped make her happy in the end. The end came way to quick for me though. Barely a year after being diagnosed in August of 2013, mom lost her fight with ALS. Now my mission has shifted to helping people educate themselves on this killer! I preach daily about this disease, and I share mom's story with anyone who will listen. My team, Dianne's Jedis, are gearing up for out third Walk to Defeat ALS. This is a fight I will never give up on! It's my passion! Please help us spread the awareness!

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