The ALS Association

We Have Had Our Share of Ups and Downs

Judy O. Midland, Texas

I would have to say that it started about six or seven years ago, my husband Vince started falling for no reason at all. So after one of those falls he broke his arm, after that he continued to fall, so doctors said that he needed surgery for degenerated and protruding discs in his back. Two back surgeries later he was having trouble getting back on his feet, having trouble walking we returned to the neurologist, and that's when they found out that he had ALS. It turned our lives completely around. Vince was the kind of person that was always busy with his animals at the farm and not to mention plowing and working out in the yard. He also had a business to run, and well within a years time, he is no longer able to walk or use his hands. We had to get rid of his pride and joy King (his horse), the goats, the chickens and all but his donkey Paco which he begged us not to get rid of him because he reminds him of the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem, and to him that is sacred. It has been very hard for us to see a great man depend on others for everything from going to the bathroom to feeding him. We pray daily for a cure to this horrible disease and praise God for every day that we are together. We have our share of ups and downs, mostly ups because we have a wonderful family that supports us is many ways with their love and prayers, not to mention our ALS family that is always there to provide us with the things we need to keep Vince mobile. Without them, we would completely confined to our home. So please, please keep those donations coming so that one day they will find a cure to this horrible disease that has taken our lives away. Thank you.

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