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Sherry O. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

May is ALS Awareness Month. Mike and I were married in 1990. We started a family together and had three handsome boys, Michael Oliveto, Layne Oliveto and Tyler. After 10 years of marriage he was diagnosed with ALS. It was the most devasting news that our family would ever hear. Even though the road would get bumpy with Mike falling and losing his speech, and his ability to use his arms, we were blessed with a power wheelchair, and he used a communication device using Morse code to talk. He wrote funny emails that everyone always looked forward to. He was not going to let ALS control his life. Family meant the world to him, and all his friends were considered family too. Michael, Layne and Tyler were the apple of his eye. We were at the ball field 5-6 times a week, went on vacations with friends, and continued to live our lives. Even though Mike had ALS, we still continued to do EVERYTHING; it just took us longer to do. When family and friends would have a hard day, Mike was the one that would be picking US up. After 17 years of marriage and seven years of ALS, Mike passed away. We love you and miss you and think about you every single day. We do find great comfort in knowing that you are FREE of ALS now. You are not just walking around but running, talking and smiling, eating and watching over all of us. Spread the word on ALS Awareness. Share your story, and let’s find a cure.

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