The ALS Association

God Bless All Those Suffering from This Disease

Janet S. Daytona Beach, Florida

My mother was a tough lady, always making sure her health and the health of all of us was so important to her. She worried a little too much, but even our being healthy she would always make sure that we were ok. My dad's sister, her sister-in-law became ill back in 1980 with ALS and devastated mom dearly. She would read up on the disease and avoid cooking with aluminum. Back years ago they were trying to find cures for ALS also. Rumors went around about what u cooked with. Suddenly in 2001 while we were on a trip to Florida, her favorite place, we were out to lunch, and Mom had a problem eating. A week later I noticed her speech was not right. To save time here and make long story short, she was diagnosed with ALS. She was so confused having this disease because she always made sure that hers and others' health were so important to her and such a coincidence of her sister-in-law having it. She could not believe she had this illness. When she lost all ability to talk, she would have to write everything down. She was amazing how she would stand in her kitchen with all her drugs crushing them up to put in her feeding tube dragging her breathing machine along. It would take her at least an hour to finish. The most touching moment for me is when we walked into the bathroom, because she wanted to brush her teeth. So as I held her head up she looked at me and said, "I am going to die soon." I smiled at her and said "let that be God's decision." My wedding day was May of 2002, and I was so happy that she could be there. She passed away November 2002 on my grandson's birthday. Now I have decided to do everything I can to help in anyway I can. I don't have a lot of money but would love to participate in anything the ALS Association would have to offer. Traveling anywhere they would want me to, to help with this terrible disease. I have always wanted to walk for the cure and hope one day the Association will contact and invite me to join. GOD bless all those suffering with this disease, and I pray every night that there will be a cure.

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