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The ALS Association

I Pray There Will Be A Cure Some Day

Bridget R. Princeton, Indiana

Randy R. fought this battle from June 2009 and passed away at the age of 58 on April 1, 2013. Randy was a very active and a physically fit man. He left behind myself (his wife) of 32 years, a son, daughter and their spouses and three grandchildren. Randy stayed as active as possible until last fall. In November I left my job to care for him at home. He had always denied this disease and spent most of his time researching the Internet for something else that could be cured. Even with trips to IU, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt, etc., he continued to tell himself that he did not have ALS. I suppose this was his way of dealing with it. His initial symptom was twitching in his left arm. Eventually it spread throughout his entire body. He went from approximately 165 pounds to less than 120 pounds. About a week before he died, his muscle loss was drastic. His speech became so bad at the end we could not understand him at all. With the Lord's help and an awesome visiting nurse staff, this journey was made tolerable. I pray that there will be a cure some day as this truly is a horrible disease.

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