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The ALS Association

My advice: Keep your brain busy 24/7

Roland B. Pensacola, Florida

I am a retired 77-year-old US Air Force Super Sonic Jet Fighter Pilot. I started dry coughing in 2002 and started slurring in 2005. A US Navy doctor said I had ALS in March 2005. In 2007, I started using a feeding tube, became speechless, and power-chair bound. In May 2011, I had a trach, started using a ventilator with oxygen, then became bed bound in May 2011. Today, I am still alive. My advice: Keep your brain busy 24/7. Pray daily and keep smiling, Thank your caregiver and your family daily. Tell your family "You LOVE them" daily. In GOD I Truly Trust and Obey. My Savior is in Heaven. AMEN. I use a SmartNav computor program mounted on a Laptop and a free speech computer program to write and spcak what I type. I cannot move any body parts. I am totally helpless. Daily, I ask GOD to Bless this nation and keep the nation FREE as our leaders planned... Roland "Cowboy" Boone.

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