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The ALS Association

We need everyone's help in this battle.

Dr Lynea L. Oregon, Wisconsin

Our mom, Diane, was 60 when she lost her battle with Bulbar Onset ALS. It came on quick, never let go, and held on until the end. Our mom demonstrated braveness, courage, tenacity and love the entire time. Hospice care workers that came into our home said she was the best patient, always with a smile. But it broke us to watch her suffer from this demonic disease. We miss her daily...she died in February of 2013 and in April, we celebrated her 61st birthday. Now with Mother's Day approaching, we feel that hole that no one can ever fill. We continue to raise awareness and are advocates for ALS; however, we need everyone's help in this battle. What it does to the patient and the family and friends is unbearable. We know she is our bluebird angel now, but our mother was amazing...she is missed every day. And we will never give up the fight against ALS.

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