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The ALS Association Social Media Terms of Service

The ALS Association encourages community engagement and we appreciate the diverse ideas and sentiments of our online audience. We maintain a presence on several social media sites as part of our commitment to transparency and to keep those in the greater ALS community apprised of our news and activities.

Our social platforms are safe spaces for sharing and discussion, and tools the ALS community can use to support people with ALS and fight this disease. We welcome your questions and comments. To keep our communities and conversations focused and helpful, and to ensure a safe space for all of those in The ALS Association community, we have updated our community guidelines for our social media platforms.

The ALS Association’s social platforms are public
Because our social media pages are public, anyone can engage with us. We cannot be responsible for content or views other than our own and we cannot validate the accuracy of statements made and posted by others. Do not share any personal information on our sites, including but not limited to account numbers, social security numbers, passwords or PINs. By posting on our social media sites, you grant The ALS Association the right to use or reproduce your content, including unsolicited ideas.

Our social platforms are safe spaces for sharing and discussion
Our community thrives when we share ideas and sentiment and we want to hear all voices. We ask that you ensure your posts are relevant and respectful. Questions and feedback are welcome, including constructive criticism. We will respond to and correct factually inaccurate information that is posted to our page and dispel any misinformation. Personal attacks, accusations, or misleading/defamatory content does not create an atmosphere conducive to dialogue.

We reserve the right to remove any content and block users related to posts that we determine to be:

  • Abusive, threatening, libelous, defamatory or disparaging of others
  • Obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or depicting violence
  • Hateful to any individual, group, community, or organization
  • Excessively repetitive, SPAM or disruptive to dialogue
  • Fraudulent, deceptive, misleading or unlawful
  • References to proprietary, confidential, or non-public information from or about The ALS Association
  • Solicitations for products, services, or outside surveys and petitions
  • Fundraising for outside organizations or individuals

Stay on topic
Any comments you post should be relevant to the topic at hand. We reserve the right to ban those who post irrelevant content to our social sites.

We never share medical information
The ALS Association serves thousands of people living with ALS through our chapters, Certified Centers, and clinics. Medical information gathered from this community is never shared on our social networks. Before you post any information about someone living with ALS, please ensure that the individual has agreed to having their diagnosis or medical status shared publicly.

Is it yours?
Are you the rightful owner of the content you post? Please do not post content or materials that don’t belong to you. This includes images, video, music and other intellectual material that is not properly licensed or credited.

Do not offer/solicit medical advice or offer/solicit used or unused durable medical equipment (DME) or unused prescription medication
These will be removed due to potential liability or sanitation-related issues.

The ALS Association is not responsible for third party websites or content appearing on our site
The ALS Association does not endorse third-party websites or content that may be linked to from our social networking websites. Please review the privacy and security practices, and policies of any third-party websites that you visit.

We respond to messages Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. EST
We ask for your patience as it may take time to answer community members’ questions.

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